Where Once Were Breasts

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The inspirational journey of an astonishing body by Deborah Wells

In 2018 Deborah decided to have her ugly, double mastectomy scars decorated with tattoo art. She then decided to have the process photographically documented, and to write a book about her adventure. The result is a very real, sometimes sad, often funny portrayal of the journey of a magnificent bosom. Through her tears and laughter Deborah clearly demonstrates that having cancer does not have to be the end.

My mother wondered what she would do with a 5 year old who danced around the house singing snippets from Handel’s Messiah.

Singing lessons began just as puberty arrived.

As the hormones developed so did my breasts and in time they became know as ‘the girls’. They determined not only my personality but also the roles I would be offered in a career which spanned Cabaret, Pantomime, Musical Theatre and Opera.

In the week of my 44th birthday, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the initial fear of death changed my direction from the stage to a spectacular teaching career.

A recurrence eighteen years later, was followed by a bilateral mastectomy. A future without the ‘magnificent girls’ looked pretty bleak.

So, I embarked on a new undertaking.

I discovered that not only could I live without the breasts which were such an integral part of my development, but, I could have the canvas of multiple, ugly scars decorated to celebrate what once was.

Where Once Were Breasts is the inspirational journey from puberty, through a performing career, to the completion of the beautiful artwork.

The message of my book is that, as awful as losing your breasts might be, it need not be then end of the story.

All profits from book sales go to Cancer Wellness Support