Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Frequent Buyers Club

Join our Frequent Buyers Club to receive exclusive discount codes that are always higher percentages than our sales for the public! Join now to gain access to the following benefits:

  • Exclusive discounts available only to our Club Members
  • Bigger discounts than regular public only available for Club Members
  • You will either be the first to receive notification of our sales or receive a bigger discount than the public on our sales events
  • You will receive a $25 Op Shop Voucher 6 months after joining* (this will be emailed to you) and another every year.

Sign up to our Frequent Buyers Club today and receive 25% off your next online purchase!

*Conditions apply: You must make 4 purchases valued at $15 or more at our Penrith, Katoomba or Online Op Shops before your Voucher is due to be redeemed. Just let our staff member at the counter know that you are a Cancer Wellness Support Frequent Buyers Club Member and your purchase will be registered on our system. Providing you have made those 4 purchases, 6 months from the date you have joined you will then receive your $25 Voucher. The $25 Voucher is only redeemable in store and cannot be redeemed on the Online Op Shop. 

Join our Online Rewards Program

Earn points for every dollar you spend by signing up to our Rewards Program.

Click the red 'Rewards' bubble in the bottom corner of the screen to sign up today and get 100 points right away!

Earn 5 points for every dollar you spend and use your points to get discounts and coupons. Earn points, redeem vouchers and gain rewards!