About Cancer Wellness Support

Cancer Wellness Support exists to offer a range of complementary therapies to assist and support individuals and their families throughout their cancer experience.  These therapies are not intended to replace recommended medical interventions, but to mitigate some of the negative aspects of cancer and its treatment and minimise some of the residual effects, such as lymphoedema. 

Cancer Wellness Support also offers lifestyle education and group support experiences for its members, which encourage a healthy approach to recovery and wellness.

These services are delivered by a range of qualified therapists, based in the local community, at a subsidised cost to the client.  The balance of the therapists' fees is contributed by Cancer Wellness Support with funds raised through our Op Shops and various fundraising undertakings.

Our Story

Cancer Wellness Support is a local organisation, unique in NSW, supporting people diagnosed with cancer in the Blue Mountains and Penrith communities. We provide an average of 6,000 therapies annually and are currently actively supporting over 700 clients and their families.  We are a registered, charitable organisation with deductible gift recipient status, established in May 2005.  Our organisation is based on the ‘Bloomhill’ model located in Buderim, Queensland which has been operating successfully on the Sunshine Coast since 1997.

With over 50 fully trained and insured therapists, Cancer Wellness Support is providing a large range of therapies such as Massage, Lymphoedema Management, Reflexology, Art Therapy, Reiki, Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, Naturopathy, Bowen Therapy, Counselling, Yoga, Qi Gong and Meditation as well as facilitated support groups for member clients and their families/carers.  These services promote relaxation and provide information and support during very challenging, often life changing experiences. All therapies are subsidised by Cancer Wellness Support. During the 2018/2019 financial year therapies, including counselling total in excess of 5,700 occasions of service.

We have well established book and wig libraries for members’ use.

Each new client member is initially assessed by a Registered Nurse after which they may choose to access any of the above services. Our aim is to work alongside General Practitioners and Specialists and to complement existing services such as Community Health, Palliative Care and other support organisations in the Blue Mountains and Penrith Valley. The organisation has provided a sense of purpose, friendship and support to many clients and their families and we are committed to continuing this into the future.

Interviews, therapies and Group sessions take place at our head office at "Mondevale" in Leura, as well as the administration of Cancer Wellness Support. Our Leura Centre is located at 104-105 Railway Pde, Leura NSW.

In May 2016, CWS opened a new Centre at 56 Warwick Street Penrith, where interviews, counselling and many therapies and support groups are progressively becoming available.

Cancer Wellness Support Op-Shops in Katoomba and Penrith provide a regular source of income and have become an important focal point for the community and volunteers. Volunteer training is offered on a regular basis. Fund–raising events and donations also supply income.